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The website for Koyama's upcoming play, Great Nature was officially launched today.

You can find it here - www.great-nature-stage.jp

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It has been announced today that Koyama will be starring in a stage play later this year.

Titled Great Nature 「グレート・ネイチャー」the play will open at Tokyo’s Globe Theatre on Saturday September 12 and run till Tuesday September 29. And then a short season in Osaka from Friday October 9 to Sunday October 11 at Theater Drama City.

Full details are available on Jnet => English language page

Koyama reported in memai tonight that he has wanted to do an acting job but will still be doing news every at the same time.  For the weekday performances he will be heading to the theatre directly from NTV and they will start at a later time of 19:30. However due to the fact he does a longer show on Wednesday, there will be no play performances on that day of the week.

He acknowledged that rehearsing and performing a play while still doing his live broadcasts of every is a challenge. However he also believes that he has been given a big chance with this play and we can only wait for more details to be released about the play itself.

Congratulations to him for adding another challenge to his already very busy schedule.

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Another year has rolled around to the very special day when we celebrate Koyama Keiichiro!

And in a very timely moment, Myojo has printed another 10,000 character interview in which Koyama reveals some of his most upfront comments about the events of 2011-2012 and what NEWS means in his life.

If you haven't read it, you can find a translation here - Koyama Keiichiro: Myojo 10,000 Character Interview "Stand by Me" - and perhaps have a few tissues on stand by.

Here's to a very special man and may he have a wonderful birthday concert later today in Osaka.

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NEWS appeared on Shounen Club Premium with KAT-TUN this week.

There are two talk parts, a KAGUYA performance and the highlight of the show is the group collaboration medley.

Sharing two different file sizes for this one.


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