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Sharing the latest episode of Chikarauta - Sunday, July 16.

Second week for guests this week including Kawaguchi Haruna, Mita Hiroko, Michibata Angelica.

Chikarauta will also be having a break for a couple of weeks and will return Sunday August 13.

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Sending Birthday Wishes to Koyama

As we’re all aware, Koyama’s birthday is coming up on May 1. And as it’s only early April, we still have time to get cards and letters in the mail to reach him by that date.

It can be as simple as sending a postcard from your town or country with a birthday message in English if, like many of us, you can’t write in Japanese. And the advantage of a postcard is that you don’t have to say much past hello, thank you and Happy Birthday and can still show him that you support him and are thinking of him.

Johnnys has an official address for fan mail but they do only accept letters or cards/postcards. They do not accept gifts and packages may be returned or destroyed unopened.

Below is the latest postal address for the Johnnys Family Club, which is the official published address for fan mail. This is a new address announced at the end of last year.

Address your card to Koyama directly

Koyama Keiichiro
Johnnys Family Club
MTB Building 4F
3-29-24 Shibuya
Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-8550


This post is an additional suggestion of ways fans can send their support to Koyama as well as participating in the birthday project recently announced (see post below for details.)
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Koyama confirmed in his jweb tonight that his album/tour solo is for Nyanta who passed away just before Christmas after 19 happy years.
He wrote, in part:

'In the 19 years that Nyanta and I spent together he was always right by my side.'

'And the fans were always good to him too. Thank you so much.'

'I think Nyanta was truly happy.'

'For me, Nyanta was an important part of my life, in some ways part of my family. So I decided to put those feelings into a song. If any of you have someone you care for like they were your family, go be with them, okay? They're definitely waiting for you.'




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