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As part of the celebration for the 1000th entry of memai, jweb has announced a Q&A segment with Koyama!

Subscribers to jweb are invited to submit questions, comments and messages through the jweb site (in English through the English version of the site) and Koyama will answer fan questions.


Fans have until 18:00 Mon Sep 29 to send their entries - so you still have time to sign up for jweb and participate.

To subscribe you will need a smartphone (iPhone/Android) and a credit card. The app can be downloaded from your app store and you can find instructions on how to join => here.

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On April 30 Koyama appeared in an article in Yomiuri newspaper. On May 17 that same article appeared in The Japan News, the english version of the same paper.


Sharing the english version.
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Let’s celebrate Koyama Keiichiro!

Much love and best wishes to Koyama as he celebrates this milestone 30th birthday on May 1. He has achieved and endured a lot in getting to this point in his life and career and he is definitely poised to go on to bigger and better things.

He shared in NEWS RING tonight that he is looking forward to what his 30s will bring. So let’s join and support him in his public journey and wish him love and happiness in his private one.

birthday banner

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Announcing KoyaShige Daily - a new twitter collaboration between the Koyama-Daily and KoyaShige Dake LJ communities.

We will be updating community and general information regarding appearances and activities of Koyama and Shige. Both of them are starting this year with plenty of activities, so please come and join us at twitter.com/KoyaShigeDaily.



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